28 going on 73

As of November 11, 2008 I am officially 28 years old, but I seriously feel 73. A spry 73, but a senior citizen none-the-less.

I’ve always felt older than my general age group, like a generation gap within my own generation.  I may look 17 (some have said), but inside I have an old soul. One that longs for simple times and simple things. I crave chivalry and courtship; I collect artifacts of bygone eras, fantasizing about how they could have been used in the “olden days”; I listen to Glen Miller and Bobby Darin and long for days when lounge acts were the epitome of a night-on-the-town.

Although, I do maintain a youthful side. I adore my electronics and can’t imagine a day without e-mail or the interweb. I also love the convenience of a modern lifestyle: hot water at my beckon, television at a click, and fresh ice whenever I demand.

I guess I’m like those Frosted Mini-Wheats: seriously packed with fiber for the adults, but sweet and fun for the kids. Yeah, that’s me.