Wish kids

I was recently contacted by a non-profit organization in Florida called Wish Kids. Similar to Make-a-wish, they grant wishes for kids with life threatening conditions. Turns out one of their teens’ wish was to go to Hawaii and have a professional model photoshoot. Out of all the local photographers, they contacted me and I am honored.

I envisioned a vintage Hawaii themed shoot with diamond head in the background and contacted a couple iconic hotels seeking permission to shoot on their property. At first they seemed supportive, but then the issue of liability insurance caused some apprehension.

Apparently if I intend to make this teenager girl’s wish come true, I need million dollar liability insurance. They didn’t accept my offer to provide an “assumption of risk” waiving them of all liability. As a small freelance photographer, I can’t afford the necessary insurance so I am forced to relocate the shoot.

The suggestion from the hotel was to shoot on their hotel room balcony, but I refuse to cheapen her experience like that. It’s the equivalent of shooting in a bathroom. Yuck.

I’ve got a couple options I need to explore and finalize by tomorrow. I’ll make sure it happens, but it’s just disheartening to know companies can’t help for a good cause because of money.