Racing the sun


You’re looking at the first edited shot from a photoshoot that was a month in the making. See my previous post about Wish Kid LaShonda.

The day started with immediate stress as sheets of rain hitting the sidewalk outside my window woke me from my slumber. Rain on a day when a sunset means everything? Not good. I kept my calm, finished some chores and prayed for the sun to break through the clouds synced with a choir singing “hallelujah”. That never happened. The best I got was an overcast pattern. To use a metaphor badly: It was a cloudy bowl of lemons, so I had to do my best to make lemonade.

We were to start at 3:00pm, but my makeup artist had to pick up her son from school before we could officially begin. I factored in a couple minutes of delay, which was fine. Then I get a txt message from my makeup artist that she was hit in the back of her head with a ball (don’t know what type) when she was picking up her son from his afterschool program. Yikes! The last thing I needed was a makeup artist who was about to pass out! She was still a trooper and came to the shoot. I told her to drive safely, but secretly I meant “STAT!” My assistant Joe was also late, citing complications with his car and his back-up bicycle.

By 4:00pm, we arrived at LaShonda’s hotel door and surprised her family. After some brief introductions makeup began and I had to leave to scout the beach location. Upon our return to the hotel, makeup was done but the sun was setting fast. It was a race against the sun as we drove towards the shoot location. Everyone seemed to be driving at a leisurely pace, perfect for those of us who were in a rush.

Finally at the location, I practically leapt out of the car to go setup my lights while the rest of the crew parked. The sun was setting fast and those clouds blocking weren’t helping much. By 5:30pm we were already shooting and rapidly going through the poses. I felt bad that I had to rush this first-time model, but I really wanted to get some awesome shots with my limited light.

At 6:30pm our shoot was finished and no one was more thrilled it was over than yours truly. It was a great cause, but a harrowing and stressful experience. But, looking at the photos, you would never suspect a thing.