The Silent Challenge

I absolutely love working with the same people over and over, it builds camaraderie and makes the process easier when you know what each member is capable of.

I’ve worked with On The Spot several times prior to this shoot and cherish every single opportunity I get to create with them. They’re a hilarious bunch of cats and when we’re together the poses and creativity flow like water from an Artesian spring.

Their newest project, an improvised silent movie, was a bit challenging in the logistics phase. Figuring out the perfect locations
was a challenge, but our solution came in the form of the Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant. It was perfect and a candy store of
vignette-ready sets. For a little bit of diversity we completed our session in downtown Honolulu where well-preserved buildings are a dime-a-dozen.

Another challenge was figuring our what poses or gestures would translate well into photographs. By nature photos are silent, so how do you convey that the show itself is silent? The answer was embedded in classic cinema films like Buster Keaton, Fatty Arbuckle and the like. Using them as a model, we were then able to create vignettes that were silently narrative.

It’s these types of stylized projects that I love for it takes advantage of the useless historic knowledge imbued into my memory
bank. Of course any casual observer would look at me and say “What the hell does that kid know about the Jazz Age?” to which I respond “Not as much as I’d like to know.”