You’re looking at a shot from my latest photoshoot with Filipina Actress Valerie Halili and my inspiration photo, a Woman Ordinance Worker (WOW), circa 1940’s. These women filled masculine occupations while their husbands and brothers went to war. They are the original independent women.
Valerie contacted me after seeing the Steampunk photoshoot I did with her friends. Like so many before her, she got bored of the typical boring bikini-beach or Christian Dior glamour shots her agency sent her to. She was drawn to my theatrical style, which was different…and she liked that.
Thanks to the awesome hair & makeup of Mishy Le Fleur, we were able to breathe life into my concept. The WOW shoot was designed to highlight Valerie’s strong personality and showcase her emotive talents, while conveying a silent narrative that is a nod to our American history and how far we’ve come.
As usual, if you’re looking for a photographer to shoot boring bikini shots, I suggest you keep looking. If you’re looking for an  attention-getting and memorable photoshoot, then let’s talk 🙂