Self Referential

Every photographer does it, some out of necessity (some out of pure vanity). Rest assured this was the former.
I wanted to test a couple lighting patterns before an engagement shoot tomorrow, so I setup in our bedroom in front the cheapo curtain fronting our tiny closet. I didn’t have room to setup a tripod so all of these shots were capture – gasp – by holding the camera at arms length. I can’t even begin to describe how challenging it is to hold a DSLR and get it as far away as possible because of the 50mm focal distance. That being said, I did a damn good job!
Why the glasses?
Well, not only do I have an affinity for spectacles (not to mention how comically huge this pair looks on my face), they also help me by serving as a point of reference in the future. You catch easily tell where you placed lights by looking at the reflections in glasses, or at least I can.

I got new Flickr and Facebook avatars out of this little exercise. Bravo, me!