Public Consumption

I believe one of the reasons I’m a like-able photographer is because I like to interact with people. Problem is, most people don’t need headshots or photography in general so when I do shoot someone it’s business first and socializing second.
That’s why I love this new and exciting gimmick that bring my photography services to the general public: a live photobooth.
Thanks to my friend Daniel at the LOFT, I was able to setup a photobooth where patrons could get impromptu portraits shot and e-mailed to them. My original intention was to print out the photos using my newly acquired Canon Selphy 760 portable printer, but I forgot my paper at home, so I opted to do a digital delivery instead — hey, I saved a couple trees!
4 poses for $10 was the price tag – but as you can see, the results were worth it. Thanks to some of my friends (Joe Philison, Nimai, Aaron, Val) for stopping by and making my night interesting!
Most people just stood around and watched as others were shot, but once I showed them what the photos would look like (by previewing the previous person’s photos on my 2.5″ LCD monitor) they were convinced. I actually used the line: “It’ll be the best-looking MySpace photo you’ll ever have” I think that was the alcoholic salesperson in me talking.
The public was intrigued so I think I’ll do the photobooth again. If you’re in the neighborhood, I encourage you to stop by!
And hey, if you’re getting married or having a party, I’d love to setup a photobooth at your event! Drop me a line!