1950’s Film Noir

You’re looking at the finished photos from another great collaborative project. This one was with fabulous hair & makeup artist Sarah la Glam.
Sarah requested to do a 1940’s film-noir shoot. To put my own spin on the genre, I styled it as a 1950’s “perfect” couple, mixing the style of the mid-century with the dramatic lighting of the 40’s. Finally, all that time I spent watching film-noir can be put to good use!
A lot of preparation went into this shoot. My fabulous makeup artist Mishy le Fleur assisted me by modeling for my light tests. Her help was imperative because it helped me to bridge the gap between my lighting diagrams and the reality of how the lights would read on-camera. This was shot in my new live/work apartment, so I was still unfamiliar with the scale of the place. Thank you, Mish for helping me out on the spot!
This is my first shoot with models Hetzl (as the murderous housewife) and Ilya (as the unsuspecting husband). They’re both very talented and were perfectly cast because of their ability to emote the range of feelings I asked them to convey. I’m so very proud of this shoot and hope this becomes the first in an on-going series of murderous proportions muhuhahahah…