Shooting the shooter

Pinky Yoshimoto is a great local photographer I was introduced to when she asked me to take some Valentine’s portraits to give to her husband. I was honored by the chance to shoot a fellow photographer. I offered to shoot her and Cole, her son, in my signature vintage style. Mish did a fabulous job with the hair & makeup, transforming Pinky into a bubbly 50’s gal.
There was an unusually heavy downpour of rain at the start of our shoot, so we had to re-locate from our beach location to a nearby school. I had shot at this school before, so the challenge was to find a new spot within the school so as not to recreate my previous attempts. The 50’s teal of the school was the perfect combination for the look. Athena (Pinky’s friend, another great photographer) tagged along and helped to keep Cole occupied, so the shoot went smoothly and quickly.
I enjoy shooting fellow photographers, it’s a fun and humbling experience that reminds us all of the reason we got into photography. It’s nice to be able to have friends you can trust to capture your image. I wonder which Hawaii Photographer I’ll get to shoot next?