Rockin’ Rockwell

My first exposure to Norman Rockwell’s paintings were in my pediatrician’s office. 10-year old Cheyne didn’t fully understand the patriotic or satiristic nature of Mr. Rockwell’s work, he just knew it was great to look at, sometimes funny. As time passed, I became more and more aware of what a brilliant painter he was. Norman Rockwell’s work not only presented America, it also preserved America. This is the type of feeling I strive for in my images. In addition to them looking great, I wanted them to feel great. These little moments preserved forever in my photographs.
The model I selected for this collegiate portrait was Cade London, a young man relatively new to modeling. His current port consisted of shirtless photos taken by his girlfriend, but I saw the potential in him that no one believed. He had a wholesome good look, which was a potent mix of American hearthrob with ethnic flair.
The day was beautiful (compared to the rainy day prior), but the bright sunshine came at a price — leave it to me to dress a model in layered clothing and have him stand in broad daylight! Cade was a trooper and he took direction very well. Here, you can see two shots and my behind the scenes shot, which reveals my typical minimalistic lighting diagram.
If you look closely at the books, they reveal my personality (as they are from my personal home library). They are (in order from bottom to top): “An Incomplete Education”, Mandarin Dictionary, “The Complete Business Guide to Graphic Design” and “Tales from the Tao”. I selected them for their color and shape, but they are symbolically very appropriate.
I am looking forward to working with Cade again, but also to tackle another Norman Rockwell inspired shoot!