Rails of Light

The 3rd Hawaii Strobist Workshop happened recently. This time, it was held on the Leeward side of the island at the Ewa Railroad Station, the last remaining working railroad on the island. I think the combination of the geographic location and the unique venue itself was what made this our largest gathering since. 20+ talented photographers flocked to the event, cameras in hand and questions in mind.
I took the opportunity to expand and experiment with high-fashion shots, the type that grace the pages of GQ and VMan. Armed with my talented partner-in-crime (Brandon Marc) and four distinct outfits, we dug our heels in and had fun with the environment.
Taking a break from shooting, I discussed with some of the photographers different lighting methods. Someone had asked how to create effective rim-lighting, so I attempted to show them using 2 strobes (Canon 580EX & Quantaray900W) and some clever placement. Some caught on, while others scratched their heads. I assured them that the best way to learn was to try it out themselves at home. I swear by the trial and error method because it’s how I learned.
In the end, it was a great adventure that yielded great results. I got to experiment with different clothing styles and other photographers got to experiment with different lighting styles and equipment.
Oh, and if you’re interested in reading about the day from the model’s perspective, check out Brandon’s blog here: http://bmh.posterous.com