Styling the stylist

I’ve been feeling very unkept lately, which is not a good thing. The feeling stemmed from the fact that I’d style my outfit from head to toe, then I’d have to face with my overgrown shag of a hairstyle. It’s gotten so long that I couldn’t do anything with it. Having a Chia Pet on your head is not chic at all.
You can clearly see how long my hair was in the 2nd photo. For those of you in the same predicament, I empathize with you. Thankfully, there is hope. While there are many great hair stylists in Hawaii, I highly recommend Salon Bobbi & Guy at Ward
( and the hairstylist LaVern. She is always up on trends and will work with you to get you a hair that’s hip and haute. She’s studied at the famous New York school for hair Bumble & Bumble, so you’ll be in good hands.
This hairstyle is very new for me since I normally go much shorter. Spikes and razor-cut hair was my norm, but after a lifetime of many, many hairstyles (even a bowl haircut!) I was ready for something new. That is, afterall, the philosophy behind Firebird Photography. Like the Phoenix, it’s important to re-invent yourself and rise from the ashes a more beautiful creature.
This hairstyle comes just in time for the Kane Magazine fashion show tomorrow night. I’ll be an official photographer, so stop by and see my work in the gallery and check out the latest in men’s fashion.