Walkin’ the walk, talkin’ the talk

I recently had the opportunity to shoot the Kane Magazine Men’s Fall Fashion Show held at the Honolulu Design Center. There was a lot of interesting activity going on. The only other photographer I recognized was my friend Kaveh Kardan. Together, we assessed the dimly-lit runway and what would be the best way to get good photos of the clothes. He setup a photobooth at the end of the runway (out of view of the public) where the models could have their photo taken in controlled light.

I wanted to use my lights on the runway and had to use my noggin to figure out the best spot. Unlike other fashion shows where people sit along the runway, this show encouraged people to crowd around the runway. Most of the photographers were situated at the end of the runway in the “pit”. I didn’t want my lights to be knocked over by some drunken dude and I didn’t want my lightstand to interfere with the shot of another photographer (out of mutual respect), so I opted to place my light at the beginning of the runway, facing me. The idea was to backlight the model, creating a halo effect. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. I needed to get my angle just right, or I risked getting a giant, burning lensflare.

Speaking of lensflare, I used other photographers’ lights to cast an intentional lensflare on certain shots. I think the effect is stunning and it’s what many amateur photographers try to mimic using software like Photoshop. Getting a lensflare that looks good in-camera is not something everyone can do, but it’s well worth the practice, don’t you think?

I must let it be known that there was an older photographer present who found great joy in complaining to everyone that he was robbed of being on the cover of the current issue. His vulgar language and inappropriate behaviour only underlined why he, as professional as he may make himself out to be, will always be viewed as amateurish. Every photographer present was proud of their work and while making the cover would have been a great honor, no one felt slighted for not having done so. It’s nice to have goals, it’s in bad taste to let those goals consume you. So, Mr. Photographer, I would highly recommend you change your attitude, a bad attitude is so last season.