70’s Chic

Let it be known that as much as I love the 50’s, I am also in love with the 70’s. Whereas the 50’s were about clean-cut colors and perfection, the 70’s were about crazy polyester patterns and just looking cool. At least that’s what I think 😉
When I first saw my model Azhjeli, I wasn’t sure if I had the skills to work with him. He had long hair, something I had never worked with before on male models. After I found out he had cut his hair, I began to see potential, especially since he had a rockin’ great physique.
My original idea was to continue my “Pleasantville” series (first started with my Milkman session) with a vintage postman. I had difficulty styling the outfit to look authentic and a location was baffling me, so I opted to do another decade. I had a polyester shirt I’d been dying to use since I purchased it. The location was originally supposed to be in front of an old, run-down apartment complex, which I thought resembled an old 70’s motel. When we arrived at the location, we found it had been fenced up, no doubt soon to be demolished. Disappointed, but determined, I thought the next best location was a turqoise-colored building on King St. I always pass this building during my lunch breaks, so I knew from the start I wanted to shoot there.
In his polyester shirt ($7.00 @ Goodwill!), baby blue slacks and white leather shoes, Azhjeli looked every bit authentic and people couldn’t help but slow down and stare. I think it’d be neat to be recognized on the street one day simply because I’m the only photographer in Hawaii who shoots vintage-themed photos.
I love the 70’s and can’t wait to shoot another 70’s-inspired set. Will you be my next model?