Moving furniture to set the mood

“Photography is one percent talent and ninety-nine percent moving furniture…”-Annie Leibovitz
You never know how true that is, until you’re shooting in your own house.
The purpose of this shoot was to create PR photos for the new comedy improv show based on the works of Tennessee Williams (“Cat on a Hot
Tin Roof”, “A Streetcar Named Desire”). Leave it to the comedic geniuses in On The Spot to create humor from such a depressing set of films.
The challenge of shooting in my apartment was not in moving the furniture, it was in working around existing architecture that I couldn’t move. This required a lot of creative thinking. Since I couldn’t move cabinets, doorways and other existing obstacles, I had to compensate by moving the actors and the lights. Thank goodness the actors had the patience and the experience on-camera to work with me.
The style of the shoot relied on clever uses of light & shadows to evoke different emotions. Hard lighting to create hard shadows, spotlights created using snoots. I even found myself breaking lighting rules like lighting from under the chin (normally very unflattering) to heighten the dramatic effect. Here it all works together to convey the serious (yet humorous) nature of the show.
This is the second shoot I’ve done in my apartment, specifically my kitchen. I don’t think I can shoot there again since it’s so recognizable. Anyone want to donate to have my kitchen remodeled so I can shoot in it again? 🙂