Retro Diner Boy: Micah Lee

While I was on vacation in LA, I booked some photoshoots with some outstanding male models.

I selected Micah because he has a uniquely handsome face and wasn't afraid of doing conceptual work, judging from his port. he's also a character actor for Disneyland, so he knew exactly how to pose and emote.

I designed a retro diner outfit for him, now the only problem was finding the perfect location. Location scouting on foot in a new (mostly industrial) neighborhood is exactly as tough as it sounds. Luckily while on my trek, I found an abandoned A&W Diner two blocks away from my hotel! It had the perfect look for my concept and I was so happy I found it!

So there you go, serendipity even followed me on my vacation! These shots are awesome. I wish we had old diners like these in Hawaii.