Steampunk w/Christian

Christian has a great face for modeling modern fashion. I wanted to try some anachronistic fashion with him, so a Steampunk shoot was the perfect style. Once I gave him some movie & culture references of what the genre was, he immediately knew how to pose to evoke the right feel.

Styling the outfit was as much fun as shooting it. Various accessories gathered from my closet. Things aren't what they appear to be in real life, but that's what makes steampunk so fun. It allows the audience to use their imagination. Who is this guy and why is he outfitted in such a way? You're left to build your own story, which means you'll be looking at these photos for (hopefully) hours.

Christian was great to work with and I look forward to working with him again!

Lighting info:
CANON 580EXII @1/4, cam right, zoomed to 50mm
Quantaray 900W @ 1/4, cam left (behind model) for rim lighting.