A Tribute to Hitchcock

Following up on the success of their show “Hush,” an improvised silent movie, my friends in the local improv group On The Spot developed their latest show, inspired by the works of Alfred Hitchcock.

OTS did extensive research, watching almost every Hitchcock movie to pick up the nuances and themes used throughout his films. I did my own research as well, studying iconic still photos and scenes from Hitchcock’s films. I studied the moody lighting, the composition and the overall tension conveyed in his films.

We were fortunate enough to secure a great location, Stage, the restaurant in the Honolulu Design Center. While it was an awesome location, it did present a challenge of shooting in an environment decorated with modern and contemporary furniture. By forcing the perspective and re-framing the scene, you can’t tell we’re in such a modern space. In fact, you can’t tell where we are period because you’re too focused on the action going on in the foreground.

The photos are a crowning achievement and they match the tone of the show perfectly! I had a chance to attend the preview night of the show and I was blown away. The themes, mood, Jordan Savusa’s spot-on impersonation of Hitchcock himself and the live musical score makes this show a must-see!

Tonight & tomorrow are the last chances to see the show:
Friday, February 26 & 27
7:30 pm, ARTS at Marks Garage