Maria & Jon’s Yacht Shoot

Recently I was asked to shoot a couple’s session – but this one wasn’t on land!

At the brink of sunset, my assistant and I boarded the private yacht of Maria and Jon. They navigated us out into the ocean and once we were sure no barges or passing boats would hit us, we started shooting them against the sunset.

While there was more than enough room to walk around, there wasn’t a stable area for my lightstands, so my assistant became my VAL (Voice Activated Lightstand) and held my secondary light for me. My keylight was on-camera, covered with a diffuser. This particular lighting combination lit Maria and Jon perfectly, but allowed me to capture some motion blur, which makes the finished photos look almost photoshopped – but I guarantee you they aren’t!

After we got all the great sunset and skyline shots done, we headed back to dock. It was then and only then was I able to relax and enjoy the cool night breezes. Such an amazing experience with amazing photos as a result. Thank you Maria and Jon for letting us on your boat!