High Fashion Editorial with Peter D

Let’s start off this new blog with a fresh post from a recent shoot. I posted a preview of my shoot with agency model Peter Deptula on my old blog, but here are more photos for your consumption 🙂


Styling Peter was tons of fun! Because he’s part Japanese and part European, I designed a custom look that fused the two ethnicities together. Key elements were a thin Obi sash belt and a handmade bowtie made out of Japanese Washi Paper.


His second look was very fashion editorial. I designed the look to have interesting textures and patterns. His blazer and jeans were corduroy and the brown dress shirt had an interesting 70’s wallpaper pattern (thanks to Ben Sherman). All of this was expertly highlighted with my epic lighting in addition to Peter’s modeling skills.

We are currently planning his next shoot based off of tears from his San Francisco agency. I can’t wait to work with Peter again!