OTS + WES: A Wes Anderson-inspired shoot

So remember the prop party we had last week? Well here’s what the props were made for!

My good friends in On The Spot Improv are doing a new genre show inspired by the work of Wes Anderson. From the witty and non-sequitir banter to even his trademark camera gimmicks (whip pans!) it will all be fused together to form a unique theatre experience. Master improv musician Art Koshi will provide the Mark Mothersbaugh soundtrack that is synonymous with all Wes Anderson films.

If you’re in Hawaii, please come check the show out. It’s truly unique and Wes Anderson fans will delight in the detail!

Saturday, Feb 5th / 8pm
ARTS at Marks Garage
$15 general / $10 students
Highly worth it!

Tickets/Info: http://www.hnlnow.com/events/index.php?com=detail&eID=58596685


PS: How awesome are the cardboard frames we made for the shoot?!