Glamour & Noir

To some, glamour and film noir might be two opposites, but not to me.

This is the promotional image I shot for the upcoming Cherry Blossom Cabaret event “Red Carpet”. My original idea was to have Mabsy stand in front of a wall of flashes going off, as though she was being bombarded by paparazzi. After careful consideration, I decided to make it look like a hollywood glamour portrait instead.


I knew I wanted the light to naturally fall off of her body, using shadows to contour her body, so to weaken my light, I decided to bounce it off my wall. For the 2nd shot, she’s sitting, but the lighting is the same. Below you can see my light, camera right of Mabsy and bouncing off of my white wall (I knew keeping it unpainted would come in handy!) My other light is snooted and doingg double duty lighting not only her eyes, but also *underlighting* the amazing Red Ribbon hat made by Catwings!


Because I knew what I wanted to see and because Mabsy is a great model, we were able to get the shot we were all happy with in 30 frames!

Be sure to go to the event at APARTM3NT. The girls will be wearing gorgeous red gowns designed by local designers. Hawaii RED Magazine will be there and proceeds go to the Life Foundation. WEAR RED!