Heroes and Villains!

We got some great press for the Supershow exhibit we held in March. We also got a lot of requests from fans on the mainland who weren’t able to attend the actual exhibit. So, presented for a limited time only, a special sub-gallery has been created for the Supershow exhibit!

Wanna be a superhero? Now you can!
We are doing a super photobooth at the next ART After DARK! The theme is Heroes and Villains and we’ll be there to turn you into a comic book superhero (or villain!) Stop by, it will be a blast!


To go along with all this super-ness, we would like to share with you some of the behind the scenes photos showing how we made it all happen.


It took a lot of takes and throws to get the cards to fly the right way for the photo. In the end, I wound up using one of the other shots – but look at the awesome mess we made!


Not only is the outfit spectacular (I made it myself!) but so is the lighting for the Cyclops shot. Here, I used three lights — a pink gelled light, a red lightbulb and my white strobelight.


We got a lot of praise for the shadow detail in this photo. But that dangerous criminal in the fedora wasn’t a photoshop trick, it was our intern Daniel strategically casting a shadow near our model Aubrey. Who needs fancy gimmicks when you can do old-school lighting tricks?

This superhero series will definitely grow and mutate into something even more epic. There is even talk about housing it in bigger galleries! If you’re interested in modeling as a Superhero for us, contact us!