Tim Burton Inspired Portraits

These are the Yaos and they are an awesome engineer and an economist husband and wife who booked me for unique portraits during their first trip to Hawaii. When I asked them what their favorite films were, the films of Tim Burton came up and it’s what I gravitated to because I absolutely love his films.

The Yaos pose for a Tim Burton inspired portrait.

In between preparing my artwork for the ARTS at Marks Garage and planning for all my LA shoots, I spent a good solid week revisiting Tim Burton’s films. After sketching out a couple ideas, I conceived a shoot that combined his signature Victorian/Circus styling with the hypersurreal suburban look of Edward Scissorshands. My awesome hair/makeup artist Ipo Haina helped to bring my vision to life.

The Yaos

The main location for our shoot was the McCoy Pavilion. I chose this spot because of the fairytale-like quality of the space. From fish ponds and tall hedges — and even the perfectly symmetrical light poles — it all lent itself well to my final vision.

If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, book with us for a one-of-a-kind souvenir that people will be talking about for decades 🙂