Sketchy Behaviour

Back in 2007, I had no portfolio to show to clients, but I did have the same amazing ideas I have now. I realized very quickly that getting clients to trust me would take more than a good attitude, so I started to sketch out my ideas. The sketches were a way of letting clients see my vision, get into my creative brain before the actual shoot. Over time, my sketches got more complex and became digital thanks to the iPad … but every once in a while, I pull out my sketchbook and colored pencils.

Sometimes my sketches are precise, right down to the expression I want; but more often than not, these sketches are basic guidelines for my photos. I use the sketches as a basis for when I’m wardrobe shopping and location scouting. Sometimes I make lighting notes which helps to keep each shoot running smoothly.

It’s fun to compare the original sketch with the finished photo. Clients should remember that these sketches are not to be taken literally — they’re guidelines, not blueprints. Sometimes locations change, outfits change, hair/makeup changes, lighting changes — but the overall “feel” remains the same.

My sketches have only been published once, in Miami’s ‘Round Magazine. They were also exhibited along with giant polaroid versions of my photos, earlier this year.

Book with us and you will walk away with a sketch souvenir 🙂