3 Ways We Help the Environment

Hawaii is a beautiful place to live and work, but we all need to do our part to keep it beautiful. We’re happy to share three ways we at Firebird Photography are helping to keep Hawaii beautiful:

Whenever we go to shoots, we always carpool. So instead of five different cars, we pile into one or two to get the job done. This not only makes parking a lot easier, but also reduces our carbon footprint by being one less car on the road. When doing solo shoots, Cheyne takes public transportation or walks to/from the shoot location.

Our wardrobe is purchased from thrift stores across the US, so we recycle clothing and reduce the tags and plastic packaging which normally accompany new purchases. We also recycle materials like foamcore and cardboard to make new props. Instead of throwing scraps of paper or fabric away, we figure out ways to reinvent it.

All of our payments and orders are processed digitally online, which help reduce paper waste. We also use rechargeable batteries for all of our equipment.

We love Hawaii and will continue to respect and take care of the island we lovingly create all our masterpieces on. What are ways you help your environment?