Revitalized Vintage

The majority of our work is inspired by 1950’s advertisements and because of this, they have a very timeless feel to them. This “timeless” quality is not accidental, it’s designed into every image from the beginning. But sometimes even classic images can start to feel “old”, which is why we decided to re-energize some of our signature images.

So, very similar to digitally colored classic movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life”, we brought some of our signature images back into our digital labs to give them a fresher look. Images that were only seen in faded sepia were given a more vibrant technicolor look, which (to me) was like Dorothy landing in the colorful land of Oz!

These re-colorized versions will be available as prints and also included in our hardcover coffee table book. The coffee table book will also include the original concept sketches, lighting diagrams and anecdotes about the shoots. It will definitely be a collector’s item! Follow us on Facebook so you can keep updated on when the book is coming out!