Paperman Inspired Shoot

This year, we held a Valentine’s contest and asked you, our readers, to send us your sweet stories of how you met. There were many wonderful entries and while it was really tough to pick just one winner, we selected Mari and Ewan because their story was so sweet and cinematic.

Mari write about how they met in Japan:

Mari notices Ewan one night on the train ride home and her heart immediately skips a beat. The train slows to a stop and to her pleasures she realizes he is getting off at the same stop. He darts out of the doors and sprints up the stairs and Mari loses him in the crowd. That night she gets together with her friends and proudly exclaims, “I saw the most handsome guy tonight and I’m going to make him my boyfriend!” They all laugh and don’t realize how serious she is!

A couple weeks later, there is an event at a local bar in Nara, Japan for foreigners. Ewan and Mari both show up with their friends. As soon as she sees him enter the bar, she knows that this is her chance. She approaches him at the bar and they start talking. They hit it off! Ewan walks Mari home, telling her stories about his family in England, his taste in music…The night ends with a romantic kiss in front of her apartment. They part ways for the night secretly hoping that this is beginning of forever.

On July 31, 2009 they tie the knot at the State District Court in front of a few very special friends and family. Six months later, Ewan’s family travels from England to witness the ceremony of their marriage at the Hale Koa Hotel. Ewan and Mari laugh to this today about the fact that they got married twice. Not everyone gets the opportunity to marry the same person twice!

Their story of destiny and fate in a big city reminded me of the Disney short animated film “Paperman” (which recently won an Oscar!) and so I designed a shoot inspired around that.

So here now are the photos from our Paperman inspired shoot with Mari and Ewan!

Special thanks to Gigi Lee for the hair/makeup and Michiko Hammond for the assistance.