Fashion Editorial: The Notorious Tammie Brown

During my recent trip to LA, I got to work with RuPaul’s Drag Race superstar Tammie Brown. Having watched her on TV, I had all these expectations but was pleasantly surprised to learn that she’s not only very down-to-earth, but also very quiet and reserved. Designing the shoot was a challenge because all of her previous photos have been vintage-inspired — a style that she excels at — so I tried to do something different, yet true to my own style. I styled them after the infamous lovers Bonnie and Clyde. With the help of my friends at Dave Graham Auto Literature, I was able to use their amazing 1932 Ford Roadster — which was actually from a plantation in Hawaii! Working with Tammie Brown was really something and I can’t wait to do another shoot with her again!

Big thanks to my assistants Michiko Hammond and Robee Aquino!

tammie brown by firebird photography

bonnie and clyde by firebird photography




Group Photo with Tammie!

Group Photo with Tammie!