Tattoo Photos for Abstract Magazine

The new issue of Abstract Magazine is out and it looks gorgeous! The theme of the issue was “Hardcore Honolulu” and while I shot for several articles, I’m particularly proud of this one!

The article by Alicia Devoll-Partridge was about modern tattooing. She interviewed famous artists like Mike Ledger who talked about (among other things) how tattoos are not just on gangsters or “scumbags” but on everyday professionals. It’s a really great read and shines some great perspective on the subject.

I was asked to shoot photos of the artists working, but I chose to do a more conceptual photo. I wanted to show the hidden tattoos on professional people, so I contacted my friends Mike Yi and his fiancé Kelsey Longo for the shoot.

The results are colorful, eye catching and very much my style 🙂

Photo May 31, 8 48 06 AM

Big thanks to Miki of Hey Miki Designs for laying out the article and of course to the Abstract Magazine staff for the assignment.