Holiday Special: The Merry Makeover Special!

For the past two years, we’ve always run a successful Black Friday Special, but this year we’re doing something different. We realize that what we do best is transform our clients … and we mean that in two ways: Of course We transform them physically by changing their appearance but we also transform them emotionally by lifting their spirits and turning even the “people who hate their photo being taken” into people who had the most fun in front of a camera ever.

So this year, we’re offering a very special package: the Merry Makeover Special!

Book this package for yourself or a loved one and get our signature vintage transformation treatment! We’ll transform you into anything from a Rockabilly from the film “Grease” to a character from your favorite TV show — the possibilities are endless!

This offer expires December 19, 2013. Your actual shoot can be on a later date, just book this deal by the 19th and you’ll be set! If you’re buying this as a holiday gift for someone, then we’ll mail them a gift certificate letting them know you gifted it to them!

To book this special go to this form:

firebird photography 2013 holiday special

hawaii holiday photo special