28 going on 73

As of November 11, 2008 I am officially 28 years old, but I seriously feel 73. A spry 73, but a senior citizen none-the-less. I’ve always felt older than my general age group,… Continue reading

Full steam ahead

When I meet a model, I go browsing through their portfolio and see what they’ve been subjected to. If they’ve got great, muscular features, chances are they have shirtless beach shots or sporty… Continue reading

The Way They Were

Fans of my photography will notice I have an affinity for the 1950’s. I love everything about it: from the fashion fads to the futuristic furniture. One of the appeals the 1950’s holds… Continue reading

Self Portrait #888: Blue Curtains

When I’m behind the camera, I know what I want and I know how to achieve it. Composition, color and interaction all come naturally for me when directing other. But directing myself? Forget… Continue reading

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